Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yummy Tummy Thursday

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So since I have Thursdays off at work and I can make a nice dinner, I figured I'd make it my weekly Food Dinner Recipe Blog.

I am by no means a pro chef.. far from it really but I experiment now and then, sometimes to mine and others detriment! Sometimes to our enjoyment! I am so not one to shy away from restaurants and fast food, frozen foods.. so trust me when I say I am a regular old momma cook lol.

I am pretty picky but am learning to try new things.. baby steps people! lol.

Maybe you will find something interesting to try.

I don't do fish, or steak (closest is pot roast lol) so if thats what youre looking for you won't find it here :-P.

Oh and I normally don't plan ahead except for my protein I take out in the morning but usually have no idea what I am doing with it until later in the day after looking online lol.

So without further ado...

Today's dinner was...

(They link to the original recipe/inspiration that I started with)

Cola Pork Chops
Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Steamfresh Frozen Veggies

Ingredients / Instructions..

Cola Pork Chops~

*First off whoever thought to cook with Cola was a genius... although I would have liked to seen the conversation and first experimentation lol.*

The base recipe linked above is pretty simple but I took from the comments as I always do because they give you hints on making the recipe better and made my own version. You can take from my version and make your own, make my version or make the simpler basic version.

*Pork Chops (as many as you need up to 8, I used boneless thin cuts because well like I said I am picky)
*1/2 Cup Ketchup
*1/2 Cup BBQ Sauce
*1 Cup Cola Flavored Soda (NOT ONE CAN<>ONE CUP!)
*2 TBSP Brown Sugar
* 1/2 Cup Flour
*Garlic Powder or salt (optional)
*Onion Powder (optional, and I didnt have on hand but would have used if I did)
*Allspice (optional)
*Olive Oil or Veg Oil


*Preheat oven to 350
*Mix Cola, Ketchup, BBQ, Brown Sugar in a bowl and set aside
*Mix Flour, garlic, onion, pepper and allspice ( I don't measure I just give a few dashes of each) I just mixed a little pile of these ingredients on my cutting board.
*Dip each pork chop one by one into the cola sauce mix then dip into the flour mix. Set aside.
*Put oil in frying pan on med-med high, Very lightly brown the porkchops this will make them cook faster and hold more flavor in the oven. Middle should still be very raw just brown the outside.
*Place the chops in a baking pan, casserole etc.
*Using the same pan (not cleaned/wiped) pour the sauce into it and it should still be very warm and sizzle 1 minute max then pour over the pork chops in the baking pan. (This gets the little pieces that fell off the chops, more flavor plus helps to thicken it a little).
*Bake for 30-45minutes depending on size and how many chops.

Cheddar Cheese Mashed Potatoes~

THESE DO NOT NEED GRAVY in fact they might be gross with gravy lol... Think of them as a potato puree more then mashed potatoes. This is the second time I have made these, the first time I added little pieces of turkey bacon yumm and had it with meatloaf! But we are out of it this time!

*6 Normal Size Russet Potatoes
*8 Ounces any cheddar cheese (medium or sharp are best, maybe even experiment with other cheeses!)
*1 Cup Hot milk
*2 TBSP Butter
*1/4 tsp Paprika

*Peel and cut potatoes, boil as you normally would for mashed potatoes
*Grate cheese
*Drain the potatoes and add cheese, HOT MILK, dash or 2 of salt and pepper, Butter and Paprika and Mash and mix.

(make sure you are timing the potatoes with the chops or whatever it be you make these with, because the cheese in these potatoes will harden if not eaten right away. I prepared the chops put them in the oven, then did all the potato prep including peeling and they finished at the same time.)

Now for the finished plates...

And it was the most delicious pork chops I have ever tasted lol.. will definitely make many more times!

Oh and the veggies are broc, caul and carrots takes 6 minutes in the steam bag they come frozen in lol.. nice and easy just put them in the micro when I was mixing the potatoes!. No extra ingredients either listed on the package just broc, caul and carrots.

Do you want to do a Yummy Tummy Thursday? and share with others? learn recipes and dinner ideas.. or just want to drool?

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Tricia said...

wanna laugh we almost did the cola porkchops but at the last minute switched out to the stewed porkchops which were heavenly.

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