Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Babble, Random Pictures.. its all random.

So today I finally made it to the Department of Licensing to renew a car registration of ours that had us thinking. The registration required emissions testing but we did that last year. Its required once every other year in Washington State.. we didn't know why they were having us do it again and of course curious me just didn't go do it again I went in to find out why. I told her had I known I would have went in before the 8th because the emissions test we did last yr on the 8th is good for a year. She said she didnt know why we did it last year blahblah. I can only reason that the car was broke down for a year so maybe we missed that years emissions check so they were catching up. Anyhow for once a string of good luck she let it pass even though it had technically expired the 8th. Woot woot bout time I get lucky.. at least well I wish I would get lucky in another way ;-) ::Snicker::

So I listed some baby items for sale on Craigslist tonight and got all detailed with my photos...


Don't u think my demo monkey is waving and subconciously speaking to me? I didn't even notice his hand was up until I was posting the photo to my listing..

*Hey woman I ain't no baby.

*Say what just shuddup and sit there so I can demo my carseat and make some money.

*No I don't want to be your guinea pig.

*Hey just remember you said it, You ARE a monkey and remember u cannot open those buckles and clasps by yourself so if you don't watch it I won't let you out... I may just even hand you off in it to the highest bidder..

* I am sorry :'-) ooh ooh ahh ahh, I WUB U.

Let me know if anyone is looking for this...


or this..


Oh and I snapped a few pictures earlier of Donni chillin in his new REAR FACING CowMOOflage Britax Marathon...





Look at those gorgeous eyes, my blue eyed Mexican.. It all good you wanna look like mama anyway trust me ahahaha.

Oh and Kaila and I busted out the Tinkertoy thingamajiggy (I so don't care that I totally fudged that up)...

Our inspiration..


Do you think I seriously could come up with something this cool myself.. pfffffft.

And our Masterpiece...



Wanna go for a ride????

Oh and yesterday something Alana did was so funny but then again not funny but I wasn't the one that had to deal with it.. so it was funny haha. But you have to wait until Not Me Monday to find out what :-P.

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