Friday, January 16, 2009


I am so irritated right now..

So today is half day at school, (remember I am a west coastie). Its 8:51 and Alana's bus still hasn't arrived that is normally here at 8:40-45. School starts at 9. Just because I know that the transportation people can be ummm.. whats a good way to say it? U make up your own not so nice word(s). There is a previous post about them too under the school label. I decide to call them.

Get this...

She tells me Alana was a no show..

I said "I never called and said she wasn't coming to school."

She says "No the bus came and waited and no one came."


Me "what time did the the bus come then because my door has been wide open and waiting since 8:35."

She says "It says 8:42"

Me "Well whoever said that is lying because my door has been open since 8:35 and NO BUS has been to my house"

She says "just a minute"

She gets back on and says "I talked to my supervisor and someone will be there to get her but it may be awhile." (so obviously someone made a mistake and they know it.)

Me "well what happened? did they go to the end of the block again? (supposed "snow route".. we don't have snow but hey ya never know with these people), did they go to the wrong house? (which even then it would have had to be the wrong block entirely because I am on a dead end street and would have seen them turn around at least), did they come by earlier then 8:35 but knew they shouldn't have so decided not to call in the no show until 8:42? (which is her scheduled pickup time)...Or did they not come by at all? (maybe the driver assumed since she is smaller that she was Pre-k or K which don't attend school on half-days). Because there was no bus here at 8:42 like I am being told.. didn't. happen. period.

She says "It says someone came by but we are happy to accomodate her and will send a bus but you need to be patient it may be a little while."

Translation : Someone messed up and we won't tell u why or how but we are sending another bus...

Alana was FINALLY picked up at 9:30... so on a school day that goes from 9-12:45 as it is she probably would get there about 9:45... 45minutes late on a half day no less...

This is what I have to say about it.... askfhasklhfaswuhqufhaeuishnfjklasfhasihfilasfgadlgjkksdjgiosd.

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Tricia said...

oh sweetie i would have said %#@(%#@()%@()@#%*)@#%*)! and @#%)*@#)%*)@#%*@) @)*%@)*%@)*)%@!!! too. Thats horrible.. I hate schools lately so I can relate.. sighs. If I lived closer I would bring you chocolate ;o)~

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