Monday, January 5, 2009

My day so far..

So it snowed once again last night, school 2 hours late today.. GRR. Today was the first day back since break, when its late Kaila doesnt go. So she was really upset and hates the snow now! Then I get Alana ready and wait and wait by the door for the bus (its a special needs bus and comes to our house). It doesnt show so I call the bus people and they say oh they came to the end of your block because we were on snow routes.. I said nice of someone to tell me they would be at the end of the block. Now... right before break we had 2, 2 hour late days and 3 days were closed. The first late day they came to my house as normal but the next day the morning driver said it was too icy on my street so they came to the end of the block BUT they called me and told me this and I told them that I would need a call when she was nearby because I wasnt about to go out there with Alana for 10 minutes who has a tendancy to bolt and will roll around in the snow and get soaking wet... they called and we went to the end of the block fine. The driver tells me that her afternoon driver will drop her off at the end of the block too.. but the driver comes straight to my house as normal that afternoon. So today I assumed they were coming to the house as no one called me and told me that they were at the end of the block etc. I was never told that is was now our permanent snow route, since she only got on the bus there once and after that they dropped her off at the door as normal!

And even if they thought I was aware that she would be picked up at the end of the block, they know that when they did that last time I requested to be called when they were almost here because THERE IS A REASON SPECIAL NEEDS BUSSES COME TO YOUR DOOR! Its for the childs safety, either they are hard to transport because of physical limitations or because of bolting in Alana's case.. also they tend to not like to wait and the bus is never there at the same time so u can be waiting 15minutes plus especially when its snowing. The restlessness turns into rolling around on the ground.. those are just some reasons. So why would they think today was any different? Anyway I had it out with the lady on the phone, there was an easy way to rectify it, send another bus.. but she said she couldnt so that was my issue and she wasnt understanding what I was saying. So I told her that I wanted to speak to her supervisor who was busy and is supposedly gonna call me back.. we'll see if they do.. I doubt it. I know people make mistakes and it was miscommunication but I want them to realize it was their fault that my daughter missed her bus and I had to pack up 3 kids and drive her to school, if it was their fault (IMO it was) that they should have sent another bus plain and simple. And that they need to better outline their supposed snow routes and actually call the special needs parents and let them know where their child will be picked up (typical busses snow routes are posted on their website).

Then I get home to UPS, FINALLY got the replacement broken chavo piggy bank that I ranted about right before xmas. I open it up, its not broken theres a plus.. but its also not the one pictured on their site... I give up... dh gets this one.

I am so glad I dont work today, I am just going to sit around and be lazy.. maybe do a load or 2 of clothes but I aint going anywhere else, aint even getting out of my jammies...

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