Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crystal Sickly, Bills..

Well tonight at work I could start to feel that tingle in my throat.. normally I can hack up whatever it is and be fine but it didn't happen that way. I knew I was getting sick and will probably lose my voice before I work tomorrow. It doesnt really hurt like strep its just like swollen and I feel like I can't breathe or talk right, am coughing and have a low fever. :-(. I hope tomorrow doesnt turn out as crappy as it looks like it will today because I gotta work gosh darnit. At least I am food running so don't have to deal with people just drop of the food and peace see ya lol.

On another side note, I got a disconnect notice today for my electric bill which is a month late. Now this isn't anything new because I am the biggest procrastinator alive..and this is the bill I save for last for some reason. But it got me thinking. The original bill always has an envelope to send payment in.. but the disconnect bill never does.. is it their way of passively saying dont mail me because I wont get there in time to keep your power from being shut off? lol.

Oh and they finally a few months ago started accepting payments via their website!.. Way to come out of the dark ages! Its about 5 years too late.. but hey better late then never right? I remember the good old days when I worked at McDonald's (yes I am a McDonald's alum.. If it makes you feel any better I hated it) and we took checks but no debit or credit.. Geez I feel like an old lady and I am only 25.

Another bill paying interesting thing (I think so anyway and I don't care if you do lol), why on earth when I pay my credit card bill does the confirmation page say this...

Congratulations you have made a payment!

Congratulations?? really... I don't think that really fits with making a payment. I didnt get married, I didnt get a promotion, I am not pregnant, I didnt graduate.. now those are times for a congratulations right?? I mean I am not happy about paying a bill, nothing good is happening to me because of it. I think the confirmation message should be...

Confirmation~ We have robbed you of your dignity and your money. (like you didn't know this would happen, the economy sucks!).

What do YOU think the confirmation message should say??

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Tricia said...

oh for half my bills (the utilties) I think we should get "Bwahahahaha! SUCKER!" @@ drives me insane that the prices are always so up and down.. no matter what you do you cant get ahead. As for the car companies theirs should say "Thank you for paying 1/4 of the actual bill on your car.. and thanks for all that yummy 3/4 interest." @@

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