Thursday, January 15, 2009

Look what I found being nosey!

I was searching the google blog section... and I found this.

A ummm... lovely pagan article/post insinuating that Turner Syndrome (what Alana has) can possbly be a virgin/immaculate birth.. hmmm so she was 45 chromosomes.. she is only missing her x.. not half of the chromosomes she has 45 not 23.. it also insinuates, wait for it... wait for it.. that jesus may have been a woman with turner syndrome pretending to be a man. hmmm

So for any future info if anyone asks, I was a virgin when I had Alana.. really I am serious..not really

Here is the section I am talking about.

"All such births are female and have a condition known as Turner’s Syndrome; signs of which include raised capillaries near to the dermal surface, sometimes causing vivid birthmarks and intermittent dermal haemorrhage, especially during periods of exercise and stress. Also breast development in these subjects is limited, however the rib cage is large in proportion to that of other females.

Despite having fully-formed female genitals; menstruation is uncommon in women with Turner’s Syndrome."

But Jesus (Latin) or Yeshua (Hebrew) was a man wasn’t he? Well allegedly so yes; but factually we have in reality no idea exactly what he looked like, or for that matter what sex he actually was. Note I said what sex he actually was: All indications from the Bible are that he was a male; but the validity of, in places contrary accounts written by a number of different men over 40 years plus after his death, does not in any way appear to constitute believable evidence. On the contrary in fact; it would appear to be drawn from local memory and from hearsay more than from fact. Could he not just as easily have been a non-menstruating Turner’s Syndrome female posing as a man?


The Coffer Family said...

What?!?! That's crazy talk. Ity's interesting to see what other people come up with though.
TS mom to Katie (9)

Fairy Princess Garden said...

OMG!! People come up with the weirdest things....well and I'm sure someone would have "remembered" him not looking like others, since they didn't have human growth hormone treatment back then...LOL

Janine mommy to Josslyn (3) TS,ADHD,AD

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