Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sigh... Toilet Training.


will be 7 in March.

Is not potty trained at all.

Granted she has autism and is about the level of an 18month old when it comes to self help skills.

She cannot button, zip up, tie shoes, put on shoes, snap, SOMETIMES she can put on her own pants (like pj pants, jeans very rarely) and very rarely a shirt.

Her teacher today emails me she is out of pull-ups but they were thinking of using diapers.. same teacher that told me to start sending in pull-ups instead of diapers 2 months ago so she could learn to pull them up like underwear etc.. Hmmm. Says the diapers hold better both elimination and smell wise which is true yes. And that she isn't ready but they are still going to get her in the habit of going to the restroom and sitting on the potty and pulling her own pants up and down. Which is fine but if they use diapers again she will have to be laid down to get any type of good fit which kind of defeats the purpose of having her pull up her pants etc and (pullups like underwear) no? that they wanted to do when they asked for pullup so are we taking a step back? giving up? I'm lost.

Anywho she then says that if I could send her in elastic pants that would be better because she would be more independant with pulling up/down her pants and the paras and her would spend less time in the bathroom and more time on her academics..

Seriously how long does it take to go to the bathroom? what a minute more for jeans then elastic pants?

Also if they are laying her down to put her diaper on, might as well pull her pants up for her IMO.

Yes the elastic pants would be easier for her, I know this its not rocket science. But should I alter her entire wardrobe so she can pull them up/down easier? (which is something I may not want her to do all the time LOL)

There are reasons she tends to wear jeans... she has no hips whatsoever and if the elastic pants arent the perfect fit they start slipping and then she gets tired of that and takes them off which gives her diaper access which can be a dangerous risk trust Slim jeans fit her much better and she wont take them off all day!

Compromise I said I would send her in elastic pants as much as I can with what we already have.

I am not buying anything new and she will still be wearing her normal jeans as well because most the elastic stuff we have is pj pants and she isnt wearing pj's to school when she has perfectly good jeans.

I am going to go buy some panties for her and put them on her this weekend and see what she does and do a potty sticker poster like I did for Kaila... maybe I will get a miracle and she will realize what she is supposed to do instantly? I can pray right? come on don't burst my bubble.

Please lord help me to not go crazy.
Please lord give my daughter the will to potty on the toilet.
Please lord take this sickness away before I hack up my lungs.
Please lord allow me to take a hot bath ALONE.

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